Ovia Fertility Period Tracker App Reviews

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Good app but less useful for women with irregular cycles

While this is generally a useful app, it has limited utility for women with irregular cycles, as it cannot pinpoint the fertile window.


So many pieces of advice. Love it. Cant spend a day without it

Love it!

Ive been using Ovia for about a year and its the best fertility app in my opinion. Just love the interface, its so intuitive, the predictions are very accurate (I have crazy periods sometimes) and I really love the TTC tips! Perfect!!


It has everything we need


Its an amazing app but you should consider a Portuguese version! Its pretty popular in Brazil!


Its very nice, easy to understand and use and very helpful even if you dont want to have babies ;)

Love it

Best app in this category


I like the App! Its very easy to handle!


I like the friendly side of Ovia, it is easy to use and doesnt bother at all. If you trying to get pregnant use this app instead of another one. This on feel more real and it is free so take a chance if you dont like it delete it!

Pretty good

Estimated my af to the day. Good articles and insightful information. Still hoping it will help me conceive faster but so far no luck. Anon on message boards kinda sucks because some of the women are very rude on here.

Love this app!

Ovia makes tracking my cycles a breeze! I know exactly when and how Ill be feeling according to the calendar. I love the helpful tidbits I receive on the main page. ❤️❤️❤️

Best fertility app

Love this app...its very detailed yet user friendly. I recommend it to any woman who is trying to conceive.


This app is fantastic. I can keep track of everything. It helps with communicating with our fertility doctor as well.

Thank you ovia

Thank you ovia for this amazing app. I started using it on the first day of my period and recorded everything and was trying to conceive and now Im here 5 weeks pregnant!!!

Awesome App!

This app is great for tracking your cycle and keeps tabs on everything going on with your body!

The best!

I have tried so many apps for tracking my periods/ ovulation. This is by far the easiest to use. Love it!

So helpful!!

Wonderful app, userfriendly and super client service.

5 stars

Love this app. So user friendly!!

Best fertility/period tracking app

Easy to use, super user friendly & straight forward. Love the colors, very clean looking. Been helpful through all the stages & also very helpful. 5/5


Excellent, user friendly and fun to peruse

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